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Where To Find Gosaku’s Armor Keys In Ghost Of Tsushima

Where To Find Gosaku's Armor Keys In Ghost Of Tsushima
The legendary armor set can be found after discovering 6 special keys. This guide on Where To Find Gosaku’s Armor Keys In Ghost Of Tsushima will tell you where to find all 6 of the keys required to access Gosaku’s Armor, which is actually tied to a very specific Mythic quest.

It is possible to obtain the Gosaku’s Armor keys before actually embarking on the quest to get Gosaku’s Armor. If you have found a key on one of the many different farms, I would suggest first beginning the actual quest itself. It will make the tracking down of the keys much simpler.

Gosaku’s Armor Keys – Mythic Quest

Gosaku's Armor Keys - Mythic Quest
The location of the Armor Keys are updated to feature on your map once you have the quest itself, therefore saving time trying to locate the keys for yourself. You must have started Act 2: Retake Castle Shimura, before you are able to begin this Mythic quest. Once you have access to the next major area, you will need to head to Akashima Village. It’s north of Akashima Higata, it’s the first major town in this area. The musician is actually found just South of the village, a gathering of several houses.

There is a musician here, one that will allow you to start the Mythic Quest, The Unbreakable Gosaku. Speak with the Musician and he will tell you the story of Gosaku. This will then highlight several farms across both regions, this is where you will find your keys.

Gosaku’s Armor Keys – Finding The 6 Keys

Gosaku's Armor Keys - Finding The 6 Keys
You must obtain all 6 of the keys to Gosaku’s Armor before you can progress with the Mythic Quest. There are 4 keys in Izuhara and then a further 2 keys in Toyotama. When you arrive at a location with keys, you must liberate the area. You do this by killing all of the guards in the area and saving the three hostages. The final hostage you save will give you the key.

You will need to travel to the following locations in Izuhara:

  • Yagata Farmstead (Izuhara)
  • Ohama Fishing Village (Izuhara)
  • Aoi Village (Izuhara)
  • Kuta Farmstead (Izuhara)

Tomohara Armor Keys
Then, once you have acquired all four of the keys from Izuhara, head North to the next region, Toyotama. Here you only need to visit two locations.

  • Iijima Farmstead (Toyotama)
  • Koshimizu Farmstead (Toyotama)

Gosaku’s Armor Keys – Obtaining The Armor

Gosaku's Armor Keys - Obtaining The Armor
The final step is simple. Head to the location marked by the quest objective. There is a cave at the location but the objective marker will lead you straight to it. Beware of the Mongol’s at the entrance. When you are climbing to the top, be careful not to fall. Sometimes it will spawn you down on the beach.

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