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Where To Find Guns In Dying Light 2

Guns and firearms played a huge role in the original Dying Light game. This guide on Where To Find Guns In Dying Light 2 will tell you where you can find the Boomstick, one of the single and only guns we’ve found throughout the entire game.

Early in the story for Dying Light 2: Stay Human, the narrative explains that the army confiscated all the guns and ammunition from everyone that lived in the city so they had the firepower to fight off the infected attempting to get into the city from beyond the wall. This sets the premise that guns are, in the very least, incredibly rare, and that much is true. There are a couple of instances of proper guns being used during the story itself, but we only found a single gun that you can use as a player.

Where To Find Guns In Dying Light 2

The gun, we use the term loosely, is called Boomstick. It is one of the few Blueprints that cannot be upgraded. Once found, it is automatically maxed and cannot be improved any further. It costs 100 Scrap to craft, which is very expensive for what it does. The Boomstick has two bullets and immediately breaks once it runs out of ammunition. So you can fire it twice, it breaks, and then you have to pay the full cost of 100 Scrap to craft it again.

To craft the Boomstick you need to find the Blueprint. Thankfully, it’s quite easy to find. Simply follow the main story until you reach The Central Loop, this is the second region in the game. Once you get to the Central Loop finding any Craftmaster, they can be found at hubs central to story progress. This is where you can buy the Boomstick. It does do a lot of damage but for the cost of 100 Scrap, honestly, I wouldn’t worry too much about it. It’s not worth the cost.

  • Guns were a huge part of the original Dying Light experience
  • In Dying Light 2: Stay Human guns are considered incredibly rare as the ammunition in the city was confiscated and used by the army long ago
  • As such, you will not find many guns throughout the entire campaign
  • There is a single gun you can unlock to use but so far, proper firearms have been story-based and not much else
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