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Where To Find Hearty Bass In Legend Of Zelda Tears Of The Kingdom

Hearty Bass is one of the best food items in the game. In this guide on Where To Find Hearty Bass In Legend Of Zelda Tears Of The Kingdom we’ll tell you all of the locations we’ve discovered that contain these incredibly rare and powerful fish. No, really, the recipe is awesome.

There are tons of different recipes and effects in Tears of the Kingdom but sometimes, you just want healing. Link is only able to have a single positive effect active at any given time. So although you may have a lot of good healing food, if it starts canceling out important buffs and effects, you may find yourself in trouble. This is where the Hearty Bass comes into play.

Where To Find Hearty Bass In Legend Of Zelda Tears Of The Kingdom

A map showing where to catch Hearty Bass
To reach this location you will need two things. You will need Zora’s Armor and the Rabella Wetlands Skyview Tower. You launch off the tower and then float towards this Sky Island, using Zora’s Armor ability to climb the waterfall and reach the top. The Hearty Bass are in the pond.

A map showing where to find more hearty bass
There is another location in the same vicinity, marked by my icon on the map above. Similar pond, same fish inside.

A map showing the best place for Where To Find Hearty Bass In Legend Of Zelda Tears Of The Kingdom
A third location can be found here. This is the West Hebra Sky Archipelago just above the Rospro Pass Skyview Tower. There are two pools here and 2-4 Hearty Bass will spawn in both.

Important: Remember, you only need to cook 1 Hearty Bass at a time. Cooking a single fish will give you a Full Recovery and +2 additional temporary hearts. Cooking additional fish adds more temp hearts but for early food, must a single fish is perfect.

The respawn time is quite slow but check back often and you’ll get a steady stock of Hearty Bass in no time. Be sure to check back here from time to time as we’ll update the guide as we continue exploring and finding more locations. If you have one to share, post it below and we’ll check it out!

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