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Where To Find Iron In Starfield

Iron is a very useful resource in the game as you need it to build Outposts and other items. This guide on Where To Find Iron In Starfield will tell you a quick and easy method of getting hundreds of iron very fast and early in the game.

Later, once you have an Outpost built, getting these minerals becomes easier as you are able to have automated systems in place to farm these materials. But early on, you will need a lot of Iron in order to build these Outposts in the first place. As such, this method will allow you to quickly and easily farm enough Iron to get you started.

Where To Find Iron In Starfield

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Head to a system with asteroids (the video above shows one such location, but there is more than one). Once you have found an asteroid belt power up your weapons by assigning most of the energy on your ship to them, just leave enough for your engines so you can travel around.

Then simply unload your weapons into the asteroids. Most, if not all, can be broken with enough damage. Once destroyed, they leave a small cache behind that you can loot to grab Iron. They always include Iron but can include other rare metals as well.

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