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Where To Find Jeanne During Chapter 7 In One Piece World Seeker

Where To Find Jeanne During Chapter 7 In One Piece World Seeker
During Chapter 7 in One Piece World Seeker, you will have to go find Jeanne in the world. You are given a few hints to help but not told her exact location. Check out find out where to find Jeanne during Chapter 7 in One Piece World Seeker.

One Piece World Seeker Jeanne Location For Chapter 7

If you ask around town about Jeanne the NPCs will tell you she normally visits her mother during times like this. Jeanne’s mother has passed so you will need to go up to the Graveyard to find her. She is up there with the Gravekeeper at her mother’s grave. Jeanne will give you the low down on what happened to her mother and why this island is actually pretty important. After you finish speaking with her, you will get a cut scene for what is going to happen next. This will also move you on to Chapter 8 and the next main mission of the game. Some new Karma and side missions will also open up as a result of this quest being complete.

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