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Where To Find Keepers Insights In AC Odyssey Atlantis DLC

Where To Find Keepers Insights In AC Odyssey Atlantis DLC
Looking to find all of the Keepers Insights in Elysium with the new DLC? This A Glowing Perception quest guide will tell you Where To Find Keepers Insights In AC Odyssey Atlantis DLC so you can progress through the DLC, locate all of the Keepers Insights and complete the mission.

Keepers Insights are part of the quest line in the Atlantis DLC. You need to find a single one during a main story mission, the rest are in a different mission. Each Keepers Insight also unlocks special Ability Enhancements, which are powerful new versions of existing abilities.

Where To Find Keepers Insights In AC Odyssey Atlantis DLC

Pheraia Retreat - Sunken Jaw Of The Styx
Pheraia Retreat - Dead Heroes Haven
Aspholdel Fields - Buried Silence Cave

That’s everything you need to know for Where To Find Keepers Insights in the Atlantis DLC. There is another Keepers Insight but this is unavoidable. Follow the main quest line through Elysium and you cannot miss it.

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