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Where To Find Keys In Summer In Mara

Where To Find Keys In Summer In Mara
Certain chests on quests require keys to open. This guide on Where To Find Keys In Summer In Mara will tell you where you can find all three types of keys, Normal and Silver and gold, so you can open any locked containers you may dig up or discover on your journey throughout Mara.

Litio sends you on a few treasure hunts and there’s a lady on the beach in town that asks you to find her lost bag. It turns out your cat-like friend that works at the Restaurant stole the bag and buried it. Whether you’re digging up the bag or hunting down Litio’s treasure, you will often find the loot box is locked – requiring a certain key to open. The key is usually displayed above the box when you are in close proximity.

Where To Find Keys In Summer In Mara

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You need to travel to Puni Cave. After you complete enough of Koa’s Quest the old lady at the lighthouse will eventually give you a map. This opens up more areas to explore surrounding your Home Island and Qalis. Puni Cave is to the West of Qalis.

When you arrive in Puni Cave look for the icon on the map that resembles a dinosaur. This is the pirate Litio. He sells both the normal and silver keys. In the rare event a gold key is required, usually for a treasure quest related to Litio’s treasure hunts, return to Litio and speak with him. He will give you a quest requesting some fruit and vegetables in return for a gold key.

They can get quite expensive but so far, the rewards for completing most of the lock quest missions do at least cover the cost of the key so it’s worth keeping one or two on your person to save you returning to Litio each time.

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