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Where To Find Kiwami Master Tickets In Like A Dragon Infinite Wealth

The Kiwami Gacha holds some of the strongest and most powerful Sujimon in the entire game. This guide on Where To Find Kiwami Master Tickets In Like A Dragon Infinite Wealth explains how these elusive and valuable gacha tickets are tracked down, as you could quite easily finish the entire game and miss them completely.

It is possible that you are able to find the Kiwami Master Tickets for Gacha earlier in the game than we did. However, it’s unlikely. As you progress through the Sujimon League storyline and increase your Sujimon Rank, you will attract stronger and stronger Raid targets. As such, I don’t think you can encounter these guys before you finish the Sujimon League itself and claim all of the badges.

Where To Find Kiwami Master Tickets In Like A Dragon Infinite Wealth

An image showing where to find Kiwami Master Tickets
If you want to summon from the Kiwami Master Gacha, you’re going to need unique Master Tickets. These are not the same as the Master Tickets used in the Japan Gacha, these are other items entirely. Before you’re able to obtain these tickets you need to complete the Sujimon League, so that you have all the badges. You may need to finish the Challenge League, Survival League, and Grande League also, but you can check first.

Open the Sujimon League menu and navigate to the Raids and Rivals section. This will give you a list of all the active Raids in the city. You want to scroll through the entire list and look for one that is level 60. These are the legendary battles against the Sujimon that you can summon via the Kiwami Master Gacha.

Alternatively, if you have a Legendary Warrior’s Musk, you can use it on an inactive raid to summon one of the legendary Sujimon.

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