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Where To Find Knotroot In LEGO Fortnite

In this guide, we show you Where To Find Knotroot In LEGO Fortnite, as Knotroot is required for many different recipes and upgrades.

Where To Find Knotroot In LEGO Fortnite

Knotroot is the tier 2 wood you’ll need in LEGO Fortnite for all of your uncommon tools, your base upgrades, and your crafting bench upgrades. Put simply, you’ll want to find Knotroot in LEGO Fortnite as fast as you can!

Once you’ve got your crafting bench at level 2, you’ll need to craft the uncommon hatchet. From there, you’ll need to find a cave. See below for an example of one:

It’s best to search the grasslands biomes for caves.

From there, look for wood that’s twisted gray and dark in color rather than the normal color branches. See below for an example:

Sometimes you’ll need stairs since they’re high up on the roof.

Once you cut this wood down, you’ll have the Knotroot in LEGO Fortnite!

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