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Where To Find Lanya In Elden Ring

Once you get to the Roundtable Hold, you will meet a man looking for his servant named Lanya. Check out this guide to find out where to find Lanya in Elden Ring. This way you aren’t searching in all the wrong areas for this person.

Where To Find Lanya In Elden Ring

In order to find Lanya you will have to go up to the area north of the castle. In the lake area you want to go to this spot.

Where To find Lanya in elden ring 2

You will find the man and he will be hovering over his servant. Someone has killed his servant and he is looking to get some revenge. You can help him out if you can find the guys who did this. I haven’t found them yet, but we will update the guide when we do.

I checked around the town and I went to the Prawn Shack, but neither had what I was looking for. If you find the guys you need to hunt for this quest then leave us a comment down below.

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