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Where To Find Lapras In Pokemon Sword & Shield

Where To Find Lapras In Pokemon Sword & Shield
Lapras is a 1st generation Pokemon that returns in Sword & Shield. This guide tells you Where To Find Lapras In Pokemon Sword & Shield as it’s a difficult beast to track down and can add a powerful Water & Ice type Pokemon to your Pokemon team.

As with many of the Pokemon Sword & Shield, weather is important. While I did encounter Lapras when it was sunny, it was far more rare. I would suggest sticking with the raining weather, as it appeared almost every time I visited the Lake of Outrage. You can check out our weather symbol guide for more help, or change the weather yourself.

Where To Find Lapras In Pokemon Sword & Shield

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As mentioned previously, Lapras can be found in the Lake of Outrage. It’s a water surface dwelling Pokemon, which means you cannot catch it with a fishing rod or fight it on land. You will need the upgraded bike so you can travel across the water.

It was around level 60 when I first encountered one so bring a strong team. Be wary of the song it sings, it can knock out any Pokemon that hears it after 3 rounds. It’s Water and Ice so don’t bring Pokemon that can withstand attacks from those types.

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