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Where To Find Lots Of Heridium & Zinc In No Man’s Sky

Where To Find Lots Of Heridium & Zinc In No Man's Sky
The universe of No Man’s Sky is filled with dozens of rare and expensive ingredients and crafting materials. Heridium and Zinc are two of these materials that you need to find very early on if you hope to craft lots of Warp Cell’s so you can progress with the story and explore areas further away from your original starting point. This Where To Find Lots Of Heridium & Zinc In No Man’s Sky will teach you a great trick for how to get loads of Heridium and Zinc so you can be on your way.

I wouldn’t suggest you do this right at the beginning. Progress through the main story until you have unlocked the Antimatter recipe so you can craft your own Warp Cells. Once you’ve progressed through the story past the initial Antimatter and Warp Drive missions, you’ll find yourself needing to create 5+ more cores to progress.

Where To Find Lots Of Heridium & Zinc In No Man’s Sky

In order to create lots of Warp Cell’s really quickly, you need to build the prerequisite components involving many different ingredients such as Zinc and Heridium. The Zinc and Heridium is needed to create Antimatter which is then used with 100 Thamium9 (easy to obtain from asteroids) to create a Warp Cell.

Some people may have better luck but the planets I explored previously had very little Zinc or Heridium at all. Instead, once I reached a new system through the story, I went to a space station. Use the Galactic Market, you can usually buy 30-50 of both Zinc and Heridium, but that’s not quite enough to create the 5+ Warp Cell’s you need to progress.

The fastest way to get Heridium and Zinc is to sit at a space station. When you dock your ship jump out and stand near the landing area. Other ships frequent in and out constantly and if you speak to the pilot of each ship, they can have another 30-50 Zinc and Heridium to sell, both of which are incredibly cheap. Using this method you can get 5+ Warp Cell’s for under 15,000 Credits.

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