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Where To Find Lunda’s Lost Armor In God Of War Ragnarok

Lunda’s Lost Armor is a Labour objective in GoW Ragnarok. This guide on Where To Find Lunda’s Lost Armor In God Of War Ragnarok will tell you where you can find Lunda’s Lost Bracers, Lunda’s Lost Belt, and Lunda’s Lost Cuirass. Once you have all of the pieces you can return to Lunda and have her craft you the armor set, which Kratos can then use and upgrade as if it was his own.

You start this Labour by speaking with Lunda after you complete the Vanaheim area with Freya. Then, as you go to leave the area via the magic gate, Freya tells you that there is an opportunity here for her to right some wrongs. If you don’t go through the gate you can instead destroy the large tree log blocking the river and then continue exploring Vanaheim. This is where you can find the missing pieces of Lunda’s Lost Armor.

Where To Find Lunda’s Lost Armor In God Of War Ragnarok

Find Lunda’s Lost Belt
Lunda's Lost Belt
You can find the first piece at this location. When you dock here you’ll fight several wolf-like enemies and some bull-like enemies that charge at you. There’s a strange door here that you can smash with your stone. Smash the door to reveal a chest inside. That’s where you can find Lunda’s Lost Belt.

Find Lunda’s Lost Bracers
Find Lunda's Lost Bracers
You can find the next piece here. Follow the river South from the first piece and you will reach Cliffside Ruins. There’s another spirit here that needs your help. Climb the wall to the left of the spirit and you will reach a stone plateau above. There’s a room here with several poison plants and a chest. Loot the chest to find Lunda’s Lost Bracers.

Lunda’s Ore – The Mysterious Orb
Lunda's Ore - The Mysterious Orb
I found this before delivering the armor. Continue with Freya’s quest and after you use another sigil to destroy huge rocks blocking the waterway, continue through on the boat. You reach Goddess Falls but don’t stop there, take a left and follow the water into a cave. You’ll find this Orb next to a workbench in the cave.

Find Lunda’s Lost Cuirass
Find Lunda's Lost Cuirass
After finding the Orb, don’t return to Goddess Falls. Instead follow the river the other way. You’ll find a chest with the final piece of armor inside.

And that’s Where To Find Lunda’s Lost Armor In God Of War Ragnarok.

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