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Where To Find Lurkers In Alaska In Rainbow Six Extraction

The Lurker set of Studies in Alaska can be very difficult. This guide on Where To Find Lurkers In Alaska In Rainbow Six Extraction will tell you the best method we found of making Lurkers appear in missions and how you can complete the objectives to Uncloak non-Lurker enemies that have been cloaked by the Lurker and Unlock a Lurker with a React Tech or Operator Abilities.

Unfortunately, encountering specific enemies is not an exact science, so we’re simply sharing the techniques we found to encounter Lurkers across approximately 20 missions of testing. They are needed for three of the Alaska Study Objectives, requiring you to kill or interact with them in a specific way.

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Where To Find Lurkers In Alaska In Rainbow Six Extraction

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At first we thought just spawning in, scanning the area, and then leaving would be the quickest way, but that never appeared to work very well. We played across all difficulties and only occasionally fought against Lurkers. They can appear on any map in the Alaska region and on any difficulty, but we had the most luck on Cautious difficulty. In a large portion of the matches played on this difficulty the Lurkers appeared in Sub Zone three, so it’s not the quickest way, but there’s a good chance you will encounter them this way.

Once you’ve managed to find them, it’s important you keep them alive if you want to complete the Lurker objectives.

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