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Where To Find Magna Ghostprism In Monster Hunter Rise

Where To Find Magna Ghostprism In Monster Hunter Rise
The Magna Ghostprism is used to create one of the cooler looking armor sets in the game. Check out this guide to find out where to find the Magna Ghostprism in Monster Hunter Rise. This way you know you are searching in the right spot and not wasting your time somewhere else.

Where To Find Magna Ghostprism In Monster Hunter Rise

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In order to get the Magna Ghostprism in Monster Hunter Rise, you will have to face off with the Magnamalo. You have probably already killed one, but that is the monster that drops the item you are looking for. The hunt is under the three star missions so check there. You can do the mission solo or join up with some randoms to get it done quicker. You should bring some fire resistance so you don’t get killed as quickly against the beast.

There are a few things to remember to increase your odds of getting Magna Ghostprism. Capturing the creature did seem to get me the Ghostprism more often then killing it, but I did get it off carving the beast a couple times. Busting the creatures parts off will also sometimes drop it, the back is a good spot to target. If you can get two of the creatures to fight each other then you get more parts to fall off and more chances to loot. I’d say overall the drop chance is about 25%, so good luck. After you kill it you can build your new gear and get ready for the next difficutly.

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