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Where To Find Mandrake In Hogwarts Legacy

Mandrake is a rare ingredient you need for Professor Garlick’s Assignment 1. In this guide on Where To Find Mandrake In Hogwarts Legacy we’ll tell you of a location where you can find three Mandrake so that you’re able to complete the quest objective to use a Mandrake on multiple enemies.

I don’t really enjoy the alchemy and herbalist parts of the game so I’ve not ventured much into it. I have checked all of the shops and whatnot, I was unable to find Mandrake seeds or Mandrake plants anywhere but a single location in the Forbidden Forest. You do not need to be able to fly so you can get there relatively early, but the forest can be dangerous if you’re not a high enough level.

Where To Find Mandrake In Hogwarts Legacy

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Where To Find Mandrake In Hogwarts Legacy
You can find three Mandrake at this location. There is a small house in the Forbidden Forest. You will fight some undead at the house. Just outside the house there is a large tree and a corpse nearby. The corpse has a note that explains he was attempting to take the Mandrake but died in the process.

The three here is more than enough to complete the objective, so grab the three Mandrake and make sure to only use them in a fight against multiple enemies, ideally in close proximity to one another.

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