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Where To Find Medicinal Leaf To Make Medicinal Herb In Dragon Quest Builders 2

Where To Find Medicinal Leaf To Make Medicinal Herb In Dragon Quest Builders 2
Need to make a lot of healing items in DQ Builders 2? Medicinal Leaf is a valuable ingredient because it’s required to make Medicinal Herbs. You can learn this recipe by fighting the vulture type enemies on the very first main island, but after that, they seem scarce.

There are not a lot of variations of healing items in Dragon Quest Builders 2. Most food heals a certain portion of your HP but it’s not ideal to be wasting valuable food when your hunger meter is sitting at 100%. As such, Medicinal Herbs are the best items to find to heal.

Where To Find Medicinal Leaf To Make Medicinal Herb In Dragon Quest Builders 2

Furrowfield, the first island, is very easy. You are given the odd Medicinal Herb from quests and your allies but there’s nowhere really to farm the leaf on this island as shrubs take a long time to respawn. You can slice the small, green bushes as they drop the leaf. You must progress to Khrumbul-Dun. Here you will find yellow scorpion like enemies. They drop medicinal leaf nearly 100% of the time.

When you complete Khrumbul-Dun and return to the Isle of Awakening, these scorpion enemies will begin spawning near the area where you build the pyramid, so you can farm them as much as you need here too.

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