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Where To Find Memory Crystal In GreedFall

Memory Crystals allow you to refund your spent skill and ability points. This Where To Find Memory Crystal In GreedFall will tell you how to find more Memory Crystals so you can respec your character and start afresh with new skills and abilities more than once.

Memory Crystals are how you respect. Once you have a Memory Crystal simply navigate to the Character Development tab in the menu and look at the lower left of the screen. There is a Reset Skills option, it’s Square on the PlayStation 4. If you have a Memory Crystal, you can simply press this button and immediately spend all of your stats on different Skills, Attributes, and Talents.

Where To Find Memory Crystal In GreedFall

Memory Crystal #1
Memory Crystal #2
Memory Crystal #3
Memory Crystal #4
Memory Crystal #5

We will continue to update this guide on where to find more Memory Crystals as we progress through the game. However, it’s already clear they are going to be rare. If you want to respec your character it’s a good idea to save first and then try a few arena fights or something, just to be safe.

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