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Where To Find Mighty Thistle In Zelda Tears Of The Kingdom

Mighty Thistle is one of the many items required to upgrade your armor sets. This guide on Where To Find Mighty Thistle In Zelda Tears Of The Kingdom will tell you how to track down some of this unique and rare plant so you can get to upgrading your armor and unlocking more set bonuses.

The set bonus system in Tears of the Kingdom works slightly differently than Breath of the Wild. All sets share similar traits but some sets will unlock additional set bonus traits if you have at least 3 upgrades on multiple pieces of the same armor set. As such, it’s both exciting and rewarding to keep upgrading your armor to see what sets offer what bonuses.

Where To Find Mighty Thistle In Zelda Tears Of The Kingdom

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There are several locations shown in the video above as good spots to find Mighty Thistle. This includes Piper Ridge, Koto Pond near Meda Mountain, and more. It’s a small plant that’s often found growing near trees and water. Check out the video above for exact locations.

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