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Where To Find Military Tech In Dying Light 2

Military Tech is a very rare material used in crafting upgrades. This guide on Where To Find Military Tech In Dying Light 2 will tell you the location of the Military Tech airdrops so you can gather them up and spend them on upgrading various technologies, such as the Glider.

Military Tech is incredibly rare and it can be easily missed if you don’t know where to look. You are looking for Military Airdrop locations. These are ? markers on the map that can be revealed when you are looking through your binoculars. However, it’s wise to check the icon on the map. If the icon is red, inspect it closer and it will tell you what you’re missing. Some of these locations require the glider or a certain level of Stamina in order to reach the top.

Important: It’s very easy to miss the Military Tech if you’re not paying attention. Once you open the chest at the Military Airdrop, look closely to find the hidden compartment on the right side of the chest. Interact with it using your GRE Key to open the compartment to get the Military Tech.

Military Tech Location #1

Military Tech Location #1

Military Tech Location #2

Military Tech Location #2

  • Military Tech can be found at the Military Airdrop locations
  • Military Airdrops are ? icons on the map until you have inspected them via the binoculars, which reveals the ? icon on the map as a crate with a parachute.
  • Check the map to make sure you have the requirements to reach the Military Airdrop
  • They usually involve a series of parkour puzzles or challenge ascending in one way or another
  • Once you reach the top and open the chest, make sure to use the GRE Key to unlock the secret compartment
  • You find one Military Tech in each of the crates you can find

We’ll update with more locations of Military Tech as we find them.

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