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Where To Find Mist Flower Corolla In Genshin Impact

Where To Find Mist Flower Corolla In Genshin Impact
You need a special flower for the Darknight Hero’s Alibi side quest. This guide on Where To Find Mist Flower Corolla In Genshin Impact will tell you where you must go to find the special Mist Flower as the quests description, “Collect Mist Flower Corolla from beside the water” is not very helpful. If you explore the shores of the nearby lake, you may struggle to find what you’re looking for.

The world of Genshin Impact is filled with collectible items. Flowers, food, ingredients, materials, there’s a massive amount of items that fill up your inventory every time you walk through a field. As such, it’s very easy to miss certain aspects of the game as you run from objective to objective. One such aspect is the use of elemental powers to harvest specific materials from very special nodes – nodes that can otherwise not be harvested without using the elemental abilities.

Where To Find Mist Flower Corolla In Genshin Impact

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Mist Flower Corolla is one such item. You’ve probably seen this flower many, many times. They are usually associated with ice enemies nearby as they aid with the ice attacks from slimes and other monsters. Just down the road from the Winery, not far from the nearby fast travel point, you will see a group of these flowers – shown above.

Mist Flower Corolla In Genshin Impact

Usually you cannot interact with these plants directly. However, if you use a fire (Pyro) elemental attack on the flowers, the ice covering the bud of the flower will break. This then allows you to approach the flowers up close and harvest Mist Flower Corolla’s so you can complete the quest and continue to aid the Darknight.

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