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Where To Find Mount: Donan’s Favor Quest & Unlock Mounts In Diablo IV

Diablo IV boasts a massive game world, and one that takes ages to explore on foot. This guide on Where To Find Mount: Donan’s Favor Quest & Unlock Mounts In Diablo IV will tell you everything you need to know to unlock the special quest, Mount: Donan’s Favor, so you can ride your trusty steed through Sanctuary.

The quest you need, Mount: Donan’s Favor, is not a main campaign quest, so you can skip it if you don’t look for it. It’s a Priority Quest marked by the white cross on the map. These are common in the early parts of the game as they introduce you to various different mechanics and tutorials. However, after the first few hours, they become less common. Unfortunately, it takes a while before you can get a mount.

Where To Find Mount: Donan’s Favor Quest Diablo IV

Mount Donan's Favor Quest
To unlock Mount: Donan’s Favor, you need to follow the main Campaign Quest series. It’s a level 30 quest that takes place in the Desolate Highlands region of the Fractured Peaks. You need to continue with the story until you have completed Act I, Act II, and Act III. The final Campaign Question in Act III is called A Master’s Touch. After that quest is completed, you will be able to find the mount quest.

Then simply complete that quest to get a mount.

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