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Where To Find Mysterious Stone In Judgment

Where To Find Mysterious Stone In Judgment
The Mysterious Stone is an item you’ll need many times in Judgment to create Extracts and other items. This guide will tell you Where To Find Mysterious Stone In Judgment as it’s one of the rarer materials you’ll need to find and it’s hidden away all over Kamurocho.

Where To Find Mysterious Stone In Judgment

You won’t be required to use a Mysterious Stone until Chapter 5, when you begin the Extract Scavenger Hunt. It may be possible to find these stones before that time but we were not able to locate any until after we began the Extract friend missions.

Many of the methods require you to have access to locations or have completed certain friend events. In the scenario where you’re required to speak to people frequently, such as Cafe Alps, it can take some time to get the Mysterious Stone. Speak with the group, leave and find a fight, then return. If you cannot speak with them again, complete some other activities and return later.

Ebisu Pawn Mysterious Stone

Sometimes a Mysterious Stone will spawn inside Ebisu Pawn, on the floor near the counter. This one does respawn over time.

Outside Ebisu Pawn Mysterious Stone

Outside Ebisu Pawn
Sometimes one will appear in the alley beside Ebisu Pawn, on the floor. It’s rare. It does respawn over time.

Hotel District Mysterious Stone

Hotel District Mysterious Stone
In the Hotel District, there’s a small alley that leads to an empty lot. It’s rare but you can also find a Mysterious Stone here. We’ve not seen this one respawn yet.

Cafe Alps Break Area Mysterious Stone

You must have complete Toshikazu Sagara friend event in Cafe Alps. Speak to the staff in the Cafe Alps Break Area. You have to speak to them several times but eventually you will get a Mysterious Stone.

Little Asia Mysterious Stone

Little Asia Mysterious Stone
On the West entrance to Little Asia. There are some fans and vents up high, you need to use the drone. A Mysterious Stone can be found there.

If we discover any further locations for Where To Find Mysterious Stone In Judgment, we’ll be sure to update the guide. Happy hunting.

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