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Where To Find New EV Berry Trees In Sword & Shield Isle Of Armor

Where To Find New Berry Trees In Sword & Shield Isle Of Armor
Special berries that increase friendship and reduce EV’s (Effort Values) are now much easier to find. This guide on Where To Find New EV Berry Trees In Sword & Shield Isle Of Armor will tell you the location of each special berry tree we have discovered so far, on our adventures through the Isle of Armor. These new trees let you get lots of berries fast.

Berries like Pomeg and Tamato do two things. They increase friendship quickly and also reduce Effort Values, which is vital if you hope to breed the most powerful Pokemon of any one type. Previously it was random what berries you obtained from the various Berry trees but now, there are hidden berry trees that only drop a single berry type, and usually in large quantities.

Where To Find New Berry Trees In Sword & Shield Isle Of Armor

We’re still exploring the game so we will update as we progress. These are the locations we have discovered so far

Tamato Berry Tree Location
Pomeg Berry Tree Location
Hondew Berry Tree Location
Qualot Berry Tree Location
Grepa Berry Tree Location
Kelpsy Berry Tree Location

We will continue to update this Where To Find New Berry Trees In Sword & Shield Isle Of Armor as we progress through the game and find more berry locations.

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