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Where To Find Oranguru In Pokemon Shield

Where To Find Oranguru In Pokemon Sword & Shield
Oranguru is a Pokemon exclusive to Pokemon Shield. In this guide we tell you exactly Where To Find Oranguru In Pokemon Shield, who is hidden away in a very specific area with another highly sought after Pokemon exclusive to Shield.

A Pokemon exclusive to Shield means it can only be caught if you are playing Pokemon Shield. It can be used in Sword if traded, but Shield is the only place you will catch a wild one. A word of warning, this is a very low spawn. I was sitting here looking to find Ponyta for about 45 minutes, only a single Oranguru appeared in that time.

Where To Find Oranguru In Pokemon Shield

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Search the long grass in Glimwood Tangle. It’s just South of Ballonlea. Pokemon here do not appear visually, only random encounters in the long grass, which makes it more difficult to find the Pokemon you want. Oranguru is a Normal Psychic Pokemon so be careful using moves it’s weak against or you may kill it in a single shot.

It’s a low spawn but Oranguru can take a hit or two so use basic moves and you shouldn’t have too much trouble catching one for yourself.

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