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Where To Find Ori’s Key In Return To Moria (Lord Of The Rings)

At the start of the game you find a chest that is locked and requires Ori’s Key. In this guide on Where To Find Ori’s Key In Return To Moria (Lord Of The Rings) we’ll explain how you can locate this key as well as future keys you will need for a similar mechanic that stretches across the different regions of the game.

Ori’s Chest is found at your very first camp. It’s a simple chest that is locked and requires the key. This same mechanic appears later in the game as well. When you find premade camps in the future, with broken hearth’s and furnaces etc, there will sometimes be a chest there that requires a special key. The method of finding these keys is the same.

Where To Find Ori’s Key In Return To Moria (Lord Of The Rings)

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You need to have materials related to the tier of the area you are in. So, for example, the very first location you find you will need to use a Forge and make the key using Iron. It will already be available in your crafting menu. Later, when you explore deeper into the mines, you will need to do the same thing again but using higher tier ingots.

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