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Where To Find Pokemon With Springy Tail In Pokemon Legends Arceus (An Elegant Tail)

Request #41 – An Elegant Tail tasks you with finding a Pokemon with an unique tail. This Where To Find Pokemon With Springy Tail In Pokemon Legends Arceus guide will tell you the exact Pokemon you’re looking for and where you can find it.

Pokemon Legends Arceus has a lot of different Requests you can complete. Some of them are as simple as gathering some basic ingredients, others require you to find specific Pokemon at specific locations. Request #41, an Elegant Tail, is one such quest. Asabei asks you to find a Pokemon with an elegant tail that curls like a spring, and catch one to show it to him. So what is the Pokemon with the springy tail and where can you find it?

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Where To Find Pokemon With Springy Tail

Where To Find Pokemon With Springy Tail In Pokemon Legends Arceus (An Elegant Tail)
The Pokemon you are looking for is called Glameow. You can find it on the Cobalt Coastlands map near the very first camp, not far from Ginkgo Landing, it’s often on the slope leading down to the beach. It is a passive Pokemon so it will flee and disappear if it sees you. Approach cautiously and catch it with a Pokeball, if you attempt to enter combat, it will usually flee before you get chance to fight it.

Make sure it’s during the day time and the weather is sunny. It’s likely available at other times, but that’s when we found it. Catch the Glameow and then return to Asabei to complete the Request.

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