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Where To Find Porygon In Sword & Shield Isle Of Armor

Where To Find Porygon In Sword & Shield Isle Of Armor
Porygon returns in Pokemon Sword & Shield with the new DLC. This guide on Where To Find Porygon In Sword & Shield Isle Of Armor will tell you what you must do in order to unlock the opportunity to find yourself your very own Porygon, a Pokemon of scientific origins with history dating back to the earliest Pokemon games.

There may be more than one method to obtain Porygon, such as Surprise Trades or Wonder Trades, but this guide focuses on the primary method of unlocking Porygon and adding it to your Pokedex. There are some story spoilers here relating to the content at the very end of the Isle of Armor DLC, so if you want to avoid mild spoilers, come back and check this guide at a later time. They are minor spoilers.

Where To Find Porygon In Sword & Shield Isle Of Armor

[line style=’solid’ top=’10’ bottom=’10’ width=’100%’ height=’1′ color=’blue’] After you have completed the tower of choice you will return to the dojo and speak with Master Mustard about the next stage of your growth with your new Pokemon. At this point the story progress and you have to fight a very difficult opponent. This is the final battle in the main story of the Isle of Armor.

Once you have finished the battle return to the dojo and head into the room on the right, the one with the combination machine. If you were successful in defeating the final challenger at the Dojo, Porygon will be sitting in the room waiting for you. Speak with Porygon and Hyde will tell you briefly about the Pokemon’s history and then offer to give it to you. Say you will accept the Pokemon and Porygon will become your very own.

Check out our guide on how to evolve Porygon for both of its evolutions.

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