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Where To Find Purple Black Stakes In Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

There are 8 ominous black stakes that are purple. This guide on Where To Find Purple Black Stakes In Pokemon Scarlet & Violet will tell you the location of each of the purple-black stakes, explain what they are for, and give information on the Pokemon you encounter at the end.

It’s a good idea to wait until later into the game before collecting these. Nearly all of them are hidden away on areas you cannot reach without unlocking all the travel powers. It’s best to unlock Glide and Climb before attempting to gather these.

Where To Find Purple Black Stakes In Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

Purple Stake Location #1
You can find the first Purple Stake at this location, you should just be able to approach it and pick it up. It’s on the edge of the cliff-like area of South Province (Area Three)

Purple Stake Location #2
This purple stake can be found in the heart of the cliff area to the East of the Academy. You won’t be able to reach this until you can get climb

Purple Stake Location #3
This one can be found on top of a high cliff just South of Los Platos, near the start of the game

Purple Stake Location #4
Another huge cliff near Los Platos, this time a short distance to the North East of the town

Purple Stake Location #5
This one can be found nearly directly above Glasswither Shrine

Purple Stake Location #6
There is a large, concrete structure here sitting over the water. You can find this Purple Stake just off to the side of it

Purple Stake Location #7
Another one near the starting area town of Los Platos, a short walk North East

Purple Stake Location #8
This final stake can be found overlooking the town of Artazon

What Are Purple Stakes For?

What Are Purple Stakes For
Towards the end of your adventures in Paldea you will learn of 4 great doors scattered throughout the realm. This special shrines are locked tight, covered in multiple huge chains. The stakes that you can find each relate to one of these doors. Once you find and collect two stakes, one of the four chains will break. You need to find all 8 stakes in order to open the door of the corresponding type.

For the Purple Stakes you are opening the door to Glasswither Shrine. Once you have found all 8 stakes and you go to the shrine, you will encounter the legendary Pokemon Wo-Chien.

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