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Where To Find Ramen Noodles In Wasteland 3

Where To Find Ramen Noodles In Wasteland 3
The My Body Requires this mission asks you to find noodles. This guide on Where To Find Ramen Noodles In Wasteland 3 will tell you exactly where you need to go in the Warrens to find the Ramen Noodles so you can return to Masato and recruit him to your HQ.

In the Bizarre there is a food merchant named Masato. You can purchase some great foods from his stall and also ask him to join you are your HQ. He is one of the many characters you can recruit in Wasteland 3. However, when you first speak with him, he will decline your invitation unless you are able to complete a special request. That request sends you into the crazy Warrens to locate a special recipe for Ramen Noodles, so he can replicate the noodles and begin to cook them himself.

  • Speak with Masato in the Bizarre
  • Head into the Warrens
  • Reach the Diner
  • Interact with the vending machine and give it a Silver Coin or hack it

Where To Find Ramen Noodles In Wasteland 3

Ramen Noodles In Wasteland 3
It’s quite deep into the Warrens so make sure you’re prepared for a few fights. At the Southern edge of the map is a Diner. It’s full of enemies when you arrive so you will need to clean them out. Once you have killed all the enemies you will most likely hear a vending machine asking you not to shake it.

Speak with the vending machine and there will be a few options. You can shake the machine, insert a silver coin, or use Nerd Stuff to override its protocols. Using a Silver Coin instantly gives you the Ramen Noodles so that you can return to the Bizarre, speak with Masato and hand him the recipe. The other options may also work but the Silver Coin one is guaranteed.

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