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Where To Find Rotating Gizmo In Fortnite

Where To Find Rotating Gizmo In Fortnite
Fortnite features a robust and versatile weapon advancement system, involving many different materials such as the rare Rotating Gizmo. This guide will tell you everything you need for Where To Get Rotating Gizmo In Fortnite so you can level up your weapons and advance them to higher stages.

When attempting to craft various weapons from schematics, you will need a collection of different resources. Most of these are typically easy to obtain, such as Wood or Metal, but others are more rare and harder to find. One of which is the Rotating Gizmo, an item involved in crafting many of the early game weapons rare and above. As the loot in Fortnite is randomized when inside a mission, it’s difficult to have a guaranteed spot placement but there are a number of tricks you can deploy to greatly increase your chances of finding a Rotating Gizmo.

Search Urban Levels
Urban levels, those that take place within large towns or cities, have a much higher chance of having a Rotating Gizmo. You can find the Gizmo is specific types of boxes and crates and although these spawn in more rural areas too, they are much more common in urban levels.

Tool Boxes And Garages
The most common place to loot a Rotating Gizmo is from within a tool box or chest. Tool boxes can be found within many houses but inside garages and other more industrial buildings, they are much more common. As you progress through the game take note of the maps that feature a large number of tool boxes and garages – these are the best to farm when they are available.

One of the most ways to get nearly any loot is farming Encampment missions. Each Encampment you destroy increases in difficulty and provides more rare and valuable materials. So far I have participate in one of these missions 3 times, and each time I got a Rotating Gizmo after clearing all 5 camps and then at least 2-3 bonus camps. I doubt it’s a guaranteed drop but keep your eye out on the map for the icon below, and then farm the Encampment missions for good loot and hopefully a great place to find Rotating Gizmos.

Where To Find Rotating Gizmo In Fortnite

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