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Where To Find Scallops In Little Dragons Cafe

Where To Find Scallops In Little Dragons Cafe
One of the story objectives recipes requires Scallops, but where are they? This guide will tell you Where To Find Scallops In Little Dragons Cafe so you can gather all the ingredients for the Shrimp Au Gratin recipe and progress through with the story.

Every recipe in Little Dragons Cafe requires a variety of different ingredients. Whilst most of these can be exchanged with other ingredients, most of the recipes related to progressing through the story need very specific ingredients. One such recipe is the Shrimp Au Gratin for the runaway girl.

Where To Find Scallops In Little Dragons Cafe

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As you may have guessed, to obtain Scallops you need to fish. However, the fishing spots you’re using to visiting will not provide anything outside of the typical fish found in those locations. When you have completed all the Fragments for the Shrimp Au Gratin recipe, a new fishing spot appears.

Head down to the beach next to the Cafe, down the sloped paths. At the bottom, near the small cave area, search the water between the side of the cliff and a large pillar of rock. Here you will find a small fishing spot. Fishing here for Where To Find Scallops In Little Dragons Cafe.

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