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Where To Find Sealant In Starfield

Sealant is used in a couple of upgrade recipes and also for the quest, First Contact. You won’t need a lot so you don’t want to waste money buying it. This guide on Where To Find Sealant In Starfield will tell you of a planet you can visit to get plenty of Sealant quickly and easily.

As I mentioned before, there are plenty of vendors that sell Sealant for relatively low prices but money is valuable in Starfield. With all the ship upgrades, weapon upgrades, Outpost buildings, you want to save your money for bits you can’t get through other means. Thankfully, there’s a planet relatively close to the start, where you can find your Sealant.

Where To Find Sealant In Starfield

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You need to head to the Andromas system and head to the planet Andromas II. To find the Andromas system, check the video above or look North East of Sol, North of Narion, on the galaxy map. When you reach the planet you want to land in the Savannah biome and look for these large, tree-like plants that you can harvest called Fallen Star Palm. These are very big and, if you have upgraded your scanner, you can see them from very far away.

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