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Where To Find Seeds Of Light In Destiny 2: Forsaken

Where To Find Seeds Of Light In Destiny 2 Forsaken
Wandering how to unlock new abilities in Destiny 2: Forsaken? This guide will tell you Where To Find Seeds Of Light In Destiny 2: Forsaken so you can unlock your new skill tree in your subclasses and with it, a host of new skills and abilities.

After you begin your Destiny 2: Forsaken campaign you will eventually run into Visions of Light. These are a special new currency that unlocks a story mission titled, “New Powers”. This is where you learn of past and future visions sent by the traveler, and also the place you learn of the Seed of Light.

The Seed of Light is a special consumable item that, when used, allows you to unlock an entirely new skill tree for any of your current sub classes. They are limited in number however, there is an achievement to obtain all of them so there is more than one.

Seed of Light #1
You obtain the first Seed of Light by following your Visions of Light to Io and completing the mission there. Once completed you can choose which sub class has its abilities unlocked first.

Seed of Light #2
Seeds of Light can be found on the boss from Blind Well Tier 2. The drop chance is not so bad, but the challenge of finishing a 540 light activity with rando’s is the biggest challenge to getting it – Thanks to Reginald for the tip

It is very possible that Seed of Lights will be rewards from a weekly, or other limited time event.

We are still progressing through the game and will update with more information as soon as we find more Seeds of Light. If you have any information that can help us fill out our Where To Find Seeds Of Light In Destiny 2: Forsaken guide, please post a comment below.

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