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Where To Find Seluvis In Elden Ring

Seluvis is part of a quest line in Elden Ring and he can sell you some sorcery spells eventually as well. Check out this guide to find out where to find Seluvis in Elden Ring. This way you can start his quest chain and get to learning things from him.

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Seluvis is found in a tower here on the map. It is up in the lake area.

Where To Find Seluvis In Elden Ring 2

This tower is near a large dragon, so watch yourself. To get back to these towers you will need to clear out the ruins nearby. As you climb up you will run into a boss on horseback. You need to beat him and the door out of the ruins will open up and you will gain access to the towers back there.

From there you can start a few different quest chains and get some other stuff done. The dragon is really strong so you might want to wait to fight him. I am still working on finding the person that Seluvis wants you to find. If I find that person I will add it to the guide.

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