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Where To Find Sir Scoffsalots Pigs & Rampo’s Treasure Chamber In Yooka-Laylee

Where To Find Sir Scoffsalots Pigs & Rampo's Treasure Chamber In Yooka-Laylee
Yooka-Laylee is home to lots of different puzzles and mini-adventures that reward you with Paiges and other tidbits of cool. This guide will tell you Where To Find Sir Scoffsalots Pigs & Rampo’s Treasure Chamber which is one of the puzzles on the first proper level of the game, TribalStack Tropics.

Where To Find Sir Scoffsalots Pigs & Rampo’s Treasure Chamber In Yooka-Laylee

Where To Find The First Pig
The first pig you have to find for Sir Scoffsalot can be found near the beginning of the level. Head back to the start to the top of the first slippery ramp and look to the right. The first pig is standing underneath the wooden walkway.

Where To Find The Second Pig
The second pig can be found near the arcade machine. The nearest point of interest is the area filled with the large purple flowers. From there you want to look for the pathway that goes down into the ruins, but don’t go down the path. Follow the top of the wall to reach the giant arcade machine and then take a look behind it.

Where To Find The Third Pig
The third and final pig can be found inside Rampo’s Treasure Chamber. It’s at the far end of the map on the left side. If you meet the cloud that wants to race, the route takes you directly past it. It’s underneath the large structure, inside a tunnel like area.

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