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Where To Find Sleep Sac In Monster Hunter World

Where To Find Sleep Sac In Monster Hunter World
During your adventures you’ll need to acquire a variety of special items to upgrade your gear. This guide focuses on Where To Find Sleep Sac In Monster Hunter World so that you can obtain this rare material to use when forging new equipment or upgrading existing equipment.

Where To Find Sleep Sac In Monster Hunter World

[line style=’solid’ top=’10’ bottom=’10’ width=’100%’ height=’1′ color=’blue’] Whilst the Flame Sac, Aqua Sac and Electro Sac are on relatively simple monsters, the Sleep Sac is in a different league. The only place we’ve discovered to find a Sleep Sac is a reward from taking down a Radobaan – the hugely aggressive spinning wheel of bone spike death. You’ll want to bring a Dragon or Ice elemental weapon for maximum damage, with Blast being beneficial alongside Stun, Paralysis and Poison.

Although a tough fight, bringing the right weapons and equipment makes it a lot simpler. The Radobaan is susceptible to high amounts of damage when attacked in the head or the feed. Whilst his back is breakable and its tail severable, both are very risky in terms of incoming damage. Stick to smashing its head as much as possible to make this a quick fight.

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