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Where To Find Special Zombies In Call Of Duty Zombies Outbreak

Where To Find Special Zombies In Call Of Duty Zombies Outbreak
Special Zombies are required for specific challenges to get more rewards. This guide on Where To Find Special Zombies In Call Of Duty Zombies Outbreak will walk you through the process of locating and identifying Special Zombies in Outbreak, so you can take them out and complete challenges.

Special Zombies are unique zombies that act differently to regular zombies. They have special attacks and abilities, providing a unique challenge depending on the Special Zombie you’ve found. They have much higher health than normal zombies, don’t spawn as often, and provide better rewards, so they are worth killing.

Where To Find Special Zombies In Call Of Duty Zombies Outbreak

There are two types of distinct zombies apart from the regular ones. Special Zombies and Elite Zombies. Special Zombies are far more common and much easier to take down. When you are exploring the map, Special Zombies spawn frequently and can easily be found by looking for skull icons on your radar.

Different Special Zombies have different abilities, making them stand out clearly, even when surrounded by hordes of regular zombies. As such, they are easy to discover, and only require some basic team work and a decent aim to take down. However, as you increase the difficulty by completing stages and warping in Outbreak, Special Zombies do become far more powerful and difficult to take down

  • Special Zombies spawn frequently on all maps.
  • When you are exploring the area, be sure to check for skull icons on the rader
  • Normal skull icons are special zombies
  • Red skull icons are Elite zombies
  • Killing special zombies rewards you with more rewards than regular zombies.
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