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Where To Find Stuyvesans Replacement Guard In Hitman 3

Where To Find Stuyvesans Replacement Guard
Part of the (In)Security story needs you to locate a replacement bodyguard. This guide on Where To Find Stuyvesans Replacement Guard In Hitman 3 will tell you exactly where to go in order to locate this lost guard, and how to further advance the story so you can become Stuyvesans personal guard.

This mission story is not a requirement. You can simply eliminate your targets and move on to the next mission. However, if you want to venture deeper into what the game has to offer, these particular story segments are well worth the time. This story begins when you are able to locate a particular character in the complex.

Where To Find Stuyvesans Replacement Guard In Hitman 3

Where To Find Stuyvesans Replacement Guard In Hitman 3
You need to head to this location on Level 0. The best way to do this is to complete the mission first, and then unlock the Staff Meeting Room as a starting location. However, it is not required. The man you need can be found in the Changing Rooms, near the kitchen. There is a staff member in the room also.

Wait for him to speak with the staff member and then take him down. Quickly subdue the staff member afterwards, to avoid any alarms, and then hide both the bodies. There are some documents on a bench near the lockers. It’s vital you pick these up. Once you have dealt with the half naked soldier and collected the Transfer Documents, you can continue with the story by following the blue lightbulb icon on your hud. You’ll be following Stuyvesan up to a Security Room where you introduce yourself as his guards replacement and hand over your papers.

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