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Where To Find The 7 Orbs For Mysterious Eighth In Zelda Tears Of The Kingdom

The Mysterious Eighth tasks you with finding metal balls with symbols on them. In this guide on Where To Find The 7 Orbs For Mysterious Eighth In Zelda Tears Of The Kingdom we’ll show you where you can find each of the metal balls so you can bring them back to Gerudo Town and complete the quest.

This is one of the games more complicated quest lines as locating the metal orbs requires completing multiple other side quests as well. You will need to solve the 4 Stelae quest in the Gerudo Town safehouse area. You’ll need to play Dalias’ game and beat here, and you will also need to find Ponthos in the desert.

Where To Find The 7 Orbs For Mysterious Eighth In Zelda Tears Of The Kingdom

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Inside the safehouse of Gerudo Town, the area below the throne room where the Gerudo initially hide when you arrive in the story, there’s a small room. It’s a circular room and inside are several statues. Each statue has a symbol on the front of it, this represents one of the aspects of the 7. Each of the metal balls you can find also have those same symbols carved on the front. You need to find each orb, bring it back to Gerudo Town, and then place it in the correct statue slot to complete the quest.

Check out the video above for the location of each of the metal orbs.

If you need help with the quests during this quest, we’ve got videos for those here:
Finding Stelae
Where To Find Ponthos
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