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Where To Find The Aether Compass In FFXIV Endwalker

The Aether Compass Has Move Location But It's Still There

The Aether Compass allows you to find Aether Currents so you can fly in the new zones. This guide on Where To Find The Aether Compass In FFXIV Endwalker will tell you where you can find the Aether Compass as it has been moved with the release of Final Fantasy XIV’s expansion, Endwalker.

Travel in Final Fantasy XIV can be slow, especially when you reach new zones and don’t have access to the Fast Travel points. Furthermore, you cannot fly on your mounts when you first reach new zones until you have found all of the Aether Currents for that particular zone. Finding the Aether Currents can be tough but it’s made much simpler by using the Aether Compass, an item which you can bound to a hotbar and use it whenever you’re exploring new areas.

  • The Aether Compass lets you track nearby Aether Currents
  • You need to unlock all Aether Currents on a map before you can use flying mounts in that area
  • Open the main menu and select the Duty Tab
  • From the Duty Tab, choose the Collection option
  • This is where you will find the new location of the Aether Compass

Where To Find The Aether Compass In FFXIV Endwalker

The Aether Compass has been moved to a different part of your inventory. If you want to access it now, you need to open the main menu. From the main menu select the tab that is called Duty. Inside the Duty tab is a number of options but you want to select the “Collection” option.

When this menu opens you will see the Aether Compass. From here you can assign it to your hotbar so you can use it as you’re exploring the new zones added with the Endwalker expansion.

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