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Where To Find The Best Rare Magical Items In Baldur’s Gate 3

Where To Find The Best Magical Items In Baldur's Gate 3
Want to find the best and strongest gear in Baldur’s Gate III? This guide on Where To Find The Best Rare Magical Items In Baldur’s Gate 3 breaks down the locations and details of each powerful artifact we have discovered on our journey through Early Access so far.

There are many different ways to tackle situations in Baldur’s Gate 3 so not all items are going to be available, depending on the choices you make. For example, some special items require you to kill a certain enemy or NPC so if you don’t wish to kill them, you can’t get the item. However, there’s some great items that are worth the moral dilemma.

Where To Find The Best Rare Magical Items In Baldur’s Gate 3

The Oak Fathers Embrace
The Vision Of The Absolute

We’re still searching for rare and powerful items, so check back soon for updates.

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