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Where To Find The Blue Stakes In Pokemon Scarlet & Pokemon Violet

There are 8 mysterious blue stakes to find in Paldea. This guide on Where To Find The Blue Stakes In Pokemon Scarlet & Pokemon Violet tells you the location of each of the 8 Blue Stakes as well as providing information on where you can use them, what they do, and the legendary Pokemon that awaits you at the end.

Whilst it is possible to discover these Blue Stakes early on in your adventure, it’s not really worth grabbing them all until towards the end of the game. You need to be able to reach specific areas through travel powers like climb and glide. Without those abilities, you will not be able to recover most of the Blue Stakes that you need.

Where To Find The Blue Stakes In Pokemon Scarlet & Pokemon Violet

Blue Stake Location #1
You can find this one right on the very edge of the game world, there’s a small set of ruins here. The Blue Stake can be found there.

Blue Stake Location #2
This one can be found up on the side of a cliff, under a large tree overlooking a lake below.

Blue Stake Location #3
This one can be found at this location, it’s tucked right underneath a huge tree

Blue Stake Location #4
Found on the cliffs overlooking the ocean, it’s hiding behind a small rock

Blue Stake Location #5
Overlooking the Pokemon Center down below, you can find this one nestled on the side of a cliff just South East of the Pokemon Center below

Blue Stake Location #6
Overlooking the 3 ruined towers down below, on the edge of the game world. You can find this one next to another tree

Blue Stake Location #7
High up on a cliff, you can find this one overlooking a large tree and the ocean below

Blue Stake Location #8
A tiny patch of greenery on the side of this otherwise brown mountain hides the final Blue Stake.

What Are Blue Stakes For?

What Are Blue Stakes For
Blue Stakes represent locks on one of the four doors of Paldea. These special doors, Shrines, are scattered around the world, with one Shrine representing each corner of the game world. Each Shrine door is a specific color and you must find the stakes of that same color in order to destroy the locks and open the door. The Entrance is on the top tier of the waterfall, inside a small cave.

The Blue Stakes are for the Firescourge Shrine in the North East corner of the world. Once you have all 8 stakes and open the door, you’ll fight with another legendary Pokemon, Chi-Yu

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