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Where To Find The Bolt Cutters In Resident Evil 3 Remake

Bolt Cutters open a lot of additional loot options. This guide on Where To Find The Bolt Cutters In Resident Evil 3 Remake will lead you directly to the Bolt Cutters so you can use them to begin cutting chains that block many different paths and special items.

You will encounter yellow locks and chains very early in the game but you cannot interact with them for a short while. The Bolt Cutters are specifically used to cut chains, such as the one blocking the shotgun, they are not used for locks. If you want to know how to open yellow locks, you need to find yourself a lockpick.

Where To Find The Bolt Cutters In Resident Evil 3 Remake

Where To Find The Bolt Cutters In Resident Evil 3 Remake
After you have been introduced to Carlos and you arrive at the Subway carts with all the survivors, you’re told to go topside to restore the power to the Subway lines. Once you reach the streets you are allowed to explore a large portion of Downtown. Much of it is immediately open but some of it is locked behind chains. Once you’ve got the Bolt Cutters, you can explore the locked areas and grab yourself some special loot, such as the shotgun.

Before you can reach the Bolt Cutters, you need to put out the fire in the alley. You need to find a fire hose near the Subway Control Room and then use it on the Fire Hydrant in the alley to clear the flames so Jill can continue. Directly after the fire is cleared from the alley you will reach a Repair Shop. As soon as you enter the Repair Shop you will see a pair of Bolt Cutters in front of you. Simply walk up to the locker, it’s not locked, and interact with the Bolt Cutters to pick them up and take them with you.

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