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Where To Find The Cathedral Of Light Capstone Dungeon In Diablo IV

If you want to unlock World Tier 3: Nightmare, you need to complete this dungeon. This guide on Where To Find The Cathedral Of Light Capstone Dungeon In Diablo IV will tell you everything you need to do to unlock and locate this dungeon as the game can make it somewhat confusing if you are already on the wrong World Tier.

Before you are able to progress to World Tier 3: Nightmare, you must first finish the campaign and then reach level 50. The campaign itself does not offer enough experience points to hit level 50 by itself, so it’s highly recommended that you spend some time doing side quests, events, and other activities as you progress through the story. Once you have finished the main story and reached level 50, it’s time to unlock World Tier 3: Nightmare.

Where To Find Cathedral Of Light Capstone Dungeon In Diablo IV

A map showing Where To Find Cathedral Of Light Capstone Dungeon In Diablo IV
In order to do this you MUST be on World Tier 2. You can change your World Tier either at the main menu, before logging in, or at the World Tier Statue in Kyovashad. From the Kyovashad fast travel point, walk a short distance North East and you will find the World Tier Statue.

If you are on World Tier 1, the quest will not display the objective marker for the Cathedral of Light Capstone Dungeon. Instead, the icon will just hover over the statue on the map. Once you switch to World Tier 2, you will see a new icon appear just North of the World Tier Statue in the Cathedral of Light on the outskirts of Kyovashad. Simply approach the objective marker and head inside to find the dungeon.

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