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Where To Find The Eagle Key In Code Vein

Where To Find The Eagle Key In Code Vein
You have come across a gate that is locked, requiring the Eagle Key. This Where To Find The Eagle Key In Code Vein guide will tell you the exact location of the Eagle Key so you can track it down, pick it up, and use it to open the gate and escape this misty hellhole.

The Howling Pit is a region in Code Vein that can be a little rough to explore at first. You must make your way through the area, lighting large fires as you progress, slowing increasing your visibility and your ability to navigate this terrain. Towards the end of the area, you’ll discover a locked gate with the message “Requires Eagle Key”.

Where To Find The Eagle Key In Code Vein

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Thankfully, the Eagle Key is really close to the door that requires it. A short distance away, exactly where I am standing on the map image above, there’s an item on the floor. You simply pick it up. However, it’s not quite that simple, yet.

There’s a dangerous enemy that you need to defeat first. He has an arsenal of lightning attacks and a huge range on his charge ability. It’s best to use high stagger weapons or gifts to keep him down while you destroy his remaining HP.

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