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Where To Find The Four Angel Masks In Resident Evil Village

Where To Find The Four Angel Masks In Resident Evil 8 Village
You need to find four special Angel Masks to progress in RES 8. This guide on Where To Find The Four Angel Masks In Resident Evil Village will tell you the location of each of the four masks so you can place them onto the statues and progress through to the next area of the castle.

The Four Angel Masks are part of the story and challenges you need to complete before you’re able to escape the castle. They are integral to progression so it’s not something you can miss if you want to continue through the game. You can find each of the masks in the following locations:

  • Mask Of Sorrow – Found after the chase scene with Lady near the dungeon
  • Mask Of Pleasure – In the Hall of Pleasure on 2nd floor
  • Mask Of Joy – In the Hall of Joy. You gain entry via the Opera Hall and Library
  • Mask Of Rage – After you exit the Attic, climb the rooftops to reach the Tower of Rage.

Where To Find The Four Angel Masks In Resident Evil 8 Village

Mask Of Sorrow Location
Mask Of Pleasure Location
Mask Of Joy Location
Mask Of Rage Location

That’s all four masks, now you’re free to progress through the castle.

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