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Where To Find The Herb Maps In Shenmue 3

Where To Find The Herb Maps In Shenmue 3
Herb Sets are a great way of making some cash in Shenmue 3. This guide tells you Where To Find The Herb Maps In Shenmue 3 as you are told you can buy them from the store but you don’t actually have to buy them, this lucrative opportunity is available free of charge.

If you open the main menu (R1 on PlayStation 4) you can check many of Shenmue 3’s different collection features. You can collect Herb Sets, Capsule Sets, exchange items for money or skill books, there’s a lot to do for the avid explorer looking to get the most out of the village.

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Where To Find The Herb Maps In Shenmue 3
Herb Sets are one of the easiest ways of making money. You can sell them individually or in sets of various sizes, but for the maximum return on your time investment, it’s best to sell them as the biggest collection possible.

Outside of the Tag-Get store in Bailu Village there is a small stand with some posters sitting on front of it. Interact with the stand and pick up each of the two maps, these are the special Herb Maps that show you the locations of herbs scattered in and around Bailu Village. You can also get more maps outside Kong Mei Goods in the Panda Market.

Another clue searching mission requires 6 Bell Tower Tokens. In this guide we tell you Where To Find The 6 Tokens In Shenmue 3 so you can quickly get through this clue seeking segment, progress further into the story, and climb the nearby bell tower.
During the main quest in Shenmue 3, you will run into a quest to find 50 year old Lao. Check out this guide to find out where to find the 50 year old Lao in Shenmue 3. Without this you cannot progress further in the story.
Shenmue III has many clue gathering scenes, investigations if you will. Here we tell you Where To Find The Clue In Man Yuan Temple In Shenmue 3 so you can avoid the needless frustrating of opening every single drawer in the entire building, and just head straight for the clue.
Want to get yourself a fishing rod and enjoy the calm streams and lakes of Shenmue III? In this guide we explain How To Fish In Shenmue 3 as you encounter fishing spots immediately after starting the game, but you cannot unlock fishing for quite some time.

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