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Where To Find The Lethal Poison In Dubai On Top Of The World In Hitman 3

Where To Find The Poison In Dubai In Hitman 3
The poison is required for certain objectives in the On Top Of The World mission in Dubai. This guide on Where To Find The Lethal Poison In Dubai On Top Of The World In Hitman 3 will tell you exactly where you need to go in order to find the poison in Dubai to complete different challenges.

Locating the poison is not a requirement to complete Dubai. There are certain challenges, such as Tasteless, Traceless, that requires you use the poison to kill your target. However, these are optional challenges that reward you with additional experience points and other rewards, as they are typically far more difficult than simply locating your target and strangling them to death, as satisfying as that may be.

Where To Find The Lethal Poison In Dubai On Top Of The World In Hitman 3

Where To Find The Poison In Dubai
There are multiple types of Poison. This is where you find the Emetic Rat Poison. It’s found at this location, on some shelves, inside the storage room. There are two entrances, both are partially guarded by event staff, but you can sneak in relatively easily with the right timing. There is an Event Staff head honcho inside who will see through your disguise. So either dispatch of him quickly or take a higher ranking disguise in with you – such as Event Security.

Lethal Poison In Dubai On Top Of The World In Hitman 3

Now, onto the Lethal Poison. You can find this on Level 1. There is a Garden on the East side of the floor. There’s a man here wearing a black suit and a bright green shirt. Nearby there is a device on the wall, some speakers, interact with them to lure the man over to your location. There are bushes here also, use them as cover. When he attempts to turn the machine off, take him out and hide his body in the grass. He will drop the Lethal Poison you need.

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