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Where To Find The Light Dragon In Zelda Tears Of The Kingdom

If you want the claws, fang, and horn from the Light Dragon, you need to make it spawn. This guide on Where To Find The Light Dragon In Zelda Tears Of The Kingdom will tell you everything you need to do to defeat Phantom Ganon so you can speak with the Great Deku tree and reveal the Light Dragons location.

This is definitely closer to end-game content and although it’s possible to do this very early, we suggest waiting until you have most of the story done as this makes the boss fight much easier. Before you can start, you must find all the dragon tears. We have a video guide for all of those here.

Where To Find The Light Dragon In Zelda Tears Of The Kingdom

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Once you’ve done that, you need to reach the center of Korok Forest. This is in the North central region of Hyrule. You cannot access it via normal means, you need to travel through the depths and arrive under Korok Forest in the correct spot, and then use Ascend to reach Korok Forest on the surface. Once there, you drop down another hole and fight Phantom Ganon. With the right weapons and support, this fight is easy enough.

We recommend getting the Gerudo weapon, Scimitar of the Seven. Using that and your allies abilities makes the Phantom Ganon fight quite easy. Once Phantom Ganon is defeated, climb the main trunk outside and speak with the Great Deku Tree.

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